Substance Use Treatment

Emberwood Center offers group therapy, individual therapy, and recovery coaching for individuals with substance use disorders. Individuals seeking substance use treatment at Emberwood will receive individualized care to meet their needs.

Current evidence-based practice has shown that group therapy is the most effective at treating substance use disorders1. At Emberwood, we currently provide group therapy three evenings a week but we are flexible to expand our options as our clients’ needs require. Individuals seeking care will complete an intake assessment with a Licensed Therapist that will provide a recommendation on how many sessions a week an individual would need to attend in order to achieve best results. 

Most of our group sessions have approximately 8 participants and we never exceed 14, as we believe in personalized attention by the therapist and that smaller numbers in a group allow for more interaction and support by the other group members. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy covers various topics that address substance use and how it impacts all areas of life: relationships, work, mental health, recreation, etc.  Our clients learn the mechanisms of addiction and how a problem can develop with increased and prolonged use of substances. Emberwood’s group therapy teaches individuals what recovery means and the skills they need to be successful in their recovery.  Outpatient group therapy offers individuals the opportunity to receive treatment while living in and navigating their home environment. Our group therapists strive to create groups that are safe, respectful, judgement-free, and confidential.  We follow evidence based practices (like the Matrix Model, Life in Balance, Stop the Chaos, and Change Company’s Journals) and adjust our approach to match our clients’ needs and meet them where they are. 

Individuals receiving group therapy will have occasional individual sessions with their therapist to address any unique needs or barriers they may be experiencing.

Individuals who have co-occurring disorders (i.e. mental health issues along with substance use issues) will be paired up with a therapist to address these needs on a more frequent basis. Please visit our individual therapy page to view services that are offered. 

Recovery Coaches

Emberwood also offers recovery coaches to assist clients with navigating countless issues such as: acquiring insurance, housing, employment, etc.  Our staff can help with referrals to any service providers a client needs to improve all areas of their lives.

Emberwood strongly encourages and may require clients to seek out and attend community-based peer support groups (e.g. AA, NA, SMART Recovery) depending on their needs as they work on their long-term recovery.MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)

Emberwood does not provide MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) but works with MAT providers to assure the success of the clients that need this service.