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Emberwood Center is Mental Health America of Indiana’s treatment service provider. We are a small non-for-profit located in a historic home in downtown Indianapolis. We offer individual, family, and group counseling in an outpatient setting, as well as advocacy and peer support services. We address a variety of mental health issues as well as SUD and gambling issues, and we specialize in treating trauma and its effects with children and adults alike. Currently our services are provided via telehealth.

We are looking to expand our multidisciplinary team to address the following areas:

  • Clinical Supervisor: full time clinically licensed with at least 5 years’ experience in the field, including supervising and/or managing experience to supervise our clinical operations.
  • SUD/Addiction counseling for adults: full time masters level (licensed) therapist with the main responsibility of providing assessments, groups, and individual sessions to clients needing SUD treatment services. The majority of the duties at this time will be carried out at the Johnson County Probation location in Franklin, IN (approximately 40 minutes from Indianapolis). Remaining of duties at this time are provided via telehealth.
  • SUD/Addiction Counseling for adolescents: full-time masters level counselor with experience and passion in working with adolescents to lead our adolescent program, addressing mainly SUD issues.
  • Peer Support Specialist: full time or part time certified PSS to provide recovery support and skills training to our clients seeking recovery from substances, gambling, and mental health issues.

Please, indicate which position you are interested in. Emberwood Center strives to match our staff’s duties to their skills and passions, and adjust to what our counselors do best and how they are most happy performing their duties. Schedules can be flexible, as long as the agency needs are met. Most positions are required to have at least one or two evenings available for appointments.

We value strong work ethics and personal integrity; we strive to be our best and support our staff in continuous education and training (including free ICAADA certification, and free EMDR training); we provide supervisory support as needed to maintain a high-quality professional team. We are not a high volume/intense work environment, but our staff needs to be able to respond positively to stressors (as our clients’ needs can be demanding), as well as the occasional (brief) surge in workload (as we cannot always predict our community’s needs). Our staff’s wellbeing is important to us and we allow some flexibility when creating our work schedules. Full time employees accrue 128 hours of PTO annually and enjoy 128-152 hours of holiday pay.

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