Children’s Mental Health Services

Emberwood Center offers therapy services to children (8 years old and above) and adolescents that struggle with issues of anxiety, depression, opposition/defiance, school, and relationships.  Our therapists work closely with the parents in order to explore where these behaviors stem from and find the best ways to resolve them

Parents are involved in therapy to the degree that is appropriate for the child’s age and the issue addressed.  We aim to educate parents and help them understand their child’s needs and how to best respond to them;  help them acquire skills to best handle the challenging behaviors of their child, and to strengthen their relationship by developing trust, improved communication, and emotional management.  The goal for the child or adolescent in treatment, other than a reduction in bothersome symptoms, is to learn more about themselves, develop healthy trust/bond with the parent, respect, self-control, self-confidence, emotional regulation, and positive social interactions.

If the issue addressed stems from the experience of a form of trauma, therapy and advocacy services can be offered free of charge. Our therapists utilize evidenced based methods that best fit the issues addressed, including art therapy, theraplay, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.