Payment Options


Emberwood Center accepts a variety of Commercial Insurance Plans as well as all the Indiana Medicaid/Medicare Plans: Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP Basic and Plus), Hoosier Healthwise, and Hoosier Care Connect.

Emberwood Center receives various grants that allow us to provide certain services for a reduced fee or no fee to qualifying participants. Examples include:

  • Victims Of Crime Assistance Grant: Victims of crime (e.g. abuse, assault, violence, exploitation) that wish to address issues related to the effects of this experience qualify for counseling and advocacy services free of charge. 
  • Gambling Funding: This allows us to address gambling issues in sessions free of charge (up to a certain amount). Clients that need to address additional issues (along with gambling) may also qualify for a number of sessions addressing these issues.
  • Recovery Works: If you are involved in the Criminal Justice system with a pending felony charge or previous conviction of a felony charge, over 18y.o., live in Indiana, and meet income requirements, you qualify to receive certain services free of charge. A representative of the Criminal Justice System needs to send our agency a referral in order to qualify for this funding.

Sliding Scale Fees

If you meet household income requirements and do not have insurance, services may be provided to you based on a sliding fee scale. Proof of income must be provided to Emberwood Center to assure you meet criteria for a reduced fee. If at any time you experience a change in income, Emberwood Center asks that you provide new proof of income documentation so that fees can be adjusted appropriately. You will be informed if you qualify for services on a sliding fee scale basis.