Adolescent Programming

Emberwood Center offers specialized treatment to adolescents (11-17 years old) that are misusing substances.  At this age, experimentation with substances is common and may develop into misuse or abuse.  The misuse of substances becomes increasingly challenging to control despite negative consequences, such as school suspension, behavioral issues, relationship difficulties, or even legal issues.  

Our program is delivered through individual, family, or group sessions, and recovery support services.  The family is involved in treatment in all capacities needed on a case by case basis, and we encourage participation in peer support groups.  The intensity of treatment depends on the needs of the child and services can be added or reduced depending on progress and challenges. 

Our groups are geared toward the ages of 13 to 17 yrs, but a group for younger ages will be developed, if the need arises.  Individual and family therapy will be provided to address all issues that the child and the family are experiencing. 

Our Adolescent SUD group draws from two evidence-based curricula – the Matrix Model, and Cannabis Youth Treatment (CYT) – and utilizes evidence-based techniques such as Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   The sessions include psycho-education, life skills and recovery skills training, and exploration of the connection among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (CBT).  Some of the program’s goals are:

  • Understanding how dependence on substances develops
  • Identifying triggers and adaptive coping strategies 
  • Developing relapse prevention skills with a goal of maintaining sobriety
  • Improving emotional regulation
  • Making healthier decisions
  • Developing healthier family and peer relationships