Cindy’s Story

Cindy sought help from Emberwood Center after experiencing continued family relationship issues. Her teenage children all had numerous legal problems and her daughter kept running away from home. Although Cindy received help from several different organizations, one theme that continued to surface was Cindy’s own alcohol use. While in treatment for alcohol dependence at Emberwood Center, she recognized that she was using alcohol to cope with previous traumatic experiences in her life. She also identified that she was sabotaging her family’s future with her alcohol consumption. Cindy entered Emberwood Center and agreed to alternative care situations for her children that would strengthen them as individuals. Our counselors helped Cindy to identify and begin working on future goals for herself. After successfully completing her treatment program, Cindy is no longer using alcohol, she is taking computer classes, and she will soon be ready for job-placement services. She is optimistic about her future and her family is positive about what the future holds for them, as well.